Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lights Out


An event to raise awareness about The Big Switch Off to a student audience

What is it? A student event, set in a nightclub. With minimal lighting, powered by kinetic energy. How? Energy generating dance floor

Poster and flyer promotion. Poster-black card with glow in the dark ink-visible at night. Flyers- Flourescent yellow and matte black card with spot varnish finish. Minimal designs featuring a web address-audience can find out more info about the event and reasons for it. Freshers fair promotion used to target students. 22nd April-Earth Day

Promotion for the event in the environment. Transfers, posters and billboards around student areas of the city. Glow in the dark ink on black. Transfers/stickers available in various colours

Promotion inside the nightclub. T shirts as the entrance tickets, plastic cups, wristbands and wall transfers-all glow in the dark. Logo on bottles of popular alcohol (sponsorship). Small amount of information on the back of wristbands and T shirts explaining the reason behind the event.

Sponsorship. Vodka Kick, NUS and Carbon Trust possibilities for sponsorship of the event. Linking together a popular student drink, a student union to promote the event nationwide and an energy campaign to support the reason for the event.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010